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Graceland, here I come
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10th-Mar-2009 11:16 pm - Eeek! *IS A GRYFFINDOR*
I got in!! Woo hoo!! Oh man, I'm so excited! They seemed to really like me from my app, yay! I was trying not to come off sounding like a total asshat, so I'm glad that I didn't! Busy busy busy weekend, Bern and my mom flew down and we all hung out around Palm Springs. Then they left Monday morning and I had a paper due. Ok, I'm off to explore H_E!!
24th-Feb-2009 07:59 pm - !!
My app dropped for hogwarts_elite!!! I'm nervous and excited at the same time!! EEK!!
20th-Feb-2009 04:15 pm - Happy Bday!
alice 1
Happy one month Bday to my journal :) And yay now I can apply for H_E!
18th-Feb-2009 08:42 am - Coffee.
alice 2
I could really go for a Wawa coffee right now :c I wish they had Wawa in Florida.
6th-Feb-2009 10:06 am - Blackpool
DW 6 Ten tongue lick
I was watching Blackpool today, and it's quite possibly the most awesome thing ever. David Tennant is awesome in it!! And the cousin from The Wedding Date is in it too! *points to icon* Now I know where this comes from :3
2nd-Feb-2009 08:25 am - Survival skills: Minimal.
DW 2 Rose :O

LOL. So, ah, my survival skills are rather debatable, y/y? I probably got bad results because I have to be the hero and save everyone, plus I wouldn't kill my zombie!loved ones, it's just not right! Zombie apocalypse or not :P
28th-Jan-2009 10:45 am - Music
DW 3 Rose Smile
I'm so addicted to this new singer I found on iTunes the other day, one of those Artist of the Week deals. Her name is Erin McCarly and the free song was Pony (It's Ok), and I love it! It's so catchy and the lyrics tickle me pink!

I feel like going to the zoo.
26th-Jan-2009 01:59 am - Burn Notice Season 3
Gaaah, SOEXCITED! I still need to finish watching Season 2, cause um, I suck and I missed half of the season :( BUT I watched the premiere anyway, since it came on right after Bones(TWOHOURSOFBONESYESYESYES! Sidenote: how adorable is Wendel? He is the only one I accept if Zach absolutely needs to be replaced).

SPOILAS, you avoid themCollapse )
25th-Jan-2009 02:51 pm - Here we go
alice 1
Hey, what's up. My name is Bridget. I'm 20 years old and I live in Florida with my Grandma Colleen. I recently started beauty school. I want to have my own salon in NYC someday. I am the eldest of 5. My younger sisters are Bernadette and Colleen and my brothers are John and Maurice.

I joined Live Journal specifically to join hogwarts_elite, so forgive me for not having that much in my journal yet! I have to wait a month before I join, anyway. So hopefully by that time I'll have more here.

Here, have a picture of me and my sister Bernie. I'm the one on the left:
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